Update and Schedule

I am pleased to announce that we finally have a concrete schedule for starting real work on Arachne. By July 18 I will have wrapped up my current consulting engagements and turned my full attention to Arachne.

During this time, I will also be working closely with Apex Data Solutions. Apex is a healthcare technology company that has already invested substantially in Arachne, via a generous donation to the Kickstarter that significantly helped to ensure that the campaign would succeed.

The current plan is to consult with them for two days of every week, specifically around Arachne and how it can further their technological and business goals. During this time I can work either on Arachne's core (as it is relevant to Apex's needs), Apex-specific modules and functionality, or other software as the need arises.

The remaining three days will be dedicated exclusively to general open-source Arachne work, building it out according to the vision outlined in the Kickstarter pitch. The Kickstarter funds will only be used to pay me on these days when I'm focused purely on open-source. Task prioritization during these days will still be governed by the steering group, to maintain focus on the core general-purpose product.

By joining forces in this way, we get two significant benefits:

  • Arachne will have a real world, rigorous use case from inception, giving an opportunity to "dogfood" the product in realtime.
  • Presuming this arrangement continues, this gives at least 10 months of runway for working on Arachne, as opposed to the ~4 that the Kickstarter funds alone would have provided.

I think this is a great mutually beneficial opportunity, and I look forward to working with Apex as well as developing the core web framework.