Community Update 4

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

Arachne design and development is progressing since our last update. Since then, due to time constraints, we sent out a brief 'Interim Update' to the Arachne mailing list, which you can sign up for on our home page,

The Steering Group met on Nov 04, and Luke presented the concepts behind Chimera, Arachne's proposed data abstraction model.

We met again this Monday, where Luke showed us working Chimera code, which is well underway. Many questions were asked, many potential use cases were discussed, and Luke's design satisfied the professional scrutiny of his peers.

Chimera will be ready for more serious prodding and poking by the Steering Group in approximately 3 weeks, due to the pending Holiday and Luke's travel to London to speak about Arachne at Clojure eXchange 2016 on Dec 2.

Arachne's public alpha release has a soft target of January 2017. This date assumes that no major redesign is necessary.

Regarding minor design tweaks, Luke is unifying the design of Arachne Modules and Applications which will eliminate many of their current differences and provide more consistency between them. In fact, an Arachne application will now also be an Arachne Module.

Nola Stowe @clojuregeek and I will be at Clojure/Conj in Austin with Arachne stickers for anyone who asks, so please say hello if you're attending.

Our next update will likely be in 3 weeks. We will resume our normal update schedule after the Holidays.

My best,

P.S. Please tweet me with any ideas you have about Arachne or our Community.