Community Update 3

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

Arachne design and development is progressing since our last update.

The Steering Group met on Oct. 14 and Luke presented his work on error reporting. Luke explained that his work on error reporting was motivated to smooth over several friction points that he was experiencing while developing Arachne. This work could potentially benefit the larger Clojure ecosystem and will likely be factored out of Arachne Core. Here's an example screenshot of Arachne's error message handling:

Sample verbose error message from Arachne

Arachne's Database Abstraction Layer (DAL) is taking form, conceptually. An ADR will be published soon with more details.

A new ADR regarding project templates has recently been published.

Luke will be presenting his work on Arachne at Clojure eXchange 2016 on Dec. 2, in London.

My progress on the Static Site Generator has been slow, because I'm learning lots of new things. Russ Olsen has kindly pitched in, not only in writing code, but mentoring me along the way.

A pre-alpha template now exists for both Arachne Modules and Arachne Apps. To clarify, Arachne Modules have modest requirements on the presence and location of certain files (see ADR-004), but Arachne Apps can be any arbitrary Clojure code that calls the appropriate Arachne libraries. Even so, it's still helpful to have a starting template for Arachne Apps. The Arachne App directory structure shouldn't be taken as a proposed convention, just one possible instance that happens to work as a starting point.

These materials are not in polished form, and Arachne docs have yet to be written.

The Steering Group will be meeting this Friday, so please look forward to another update in a week.

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P.S. Please tweet me with any ideas you have about Arachne or our Community.