Community Update 2

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

This update will be brief because most of our progress since our last update has been in getting started on new work.

Luke continues his work on the Database Abstraction Layer (DAL). He has also completed the research and initial implementation of user-friendly error messages.

The error message research investigated several interesting aspects of creating friendly error messages:

  • decoupling the presentation of errors to users from the propagation of errors through the program
  • errors from the command line
  • errors from logs
  • errors from the REPL
  • stacktrace cleanup tools
  • verbose spec explanations
  • UI-based errors

ADR 13 goes over these considerations in more detail and proposes a decision for Arachne's error reporting functionality.

My work on Arachne's static site generation capabilities began on Monday, Oct 10. The immediate goal is to replace this site with an Arachne site as soon as possible.

That's all the news we have for this update. Our next update should be published in two weeks. We aim to publish an update every other Wednesday.


P.S. Please tweet me with any ideas you have about Arachne or our Community.